Women of CrossFit Zug we want your attention; we’ve had a great idea for you. CrossFit Zug will offer you the possibility to train with the 9th fittest Woman on earth 2019. Thuri will coach a new class once a week for you.

Thuri about this class:
“I see this class as an opportunity for all of you, if you are a woman coming to open gym and need some eyes on you from time to time this is a great way to get some feedback, tips and additional technique drills and strength exercises to add to your regular training sessions. If you are a woman attending the regular classes and you have no intention in competing but want to get better at pull ups or even burpees this is also a good addition for you to your training sessions.

I have a big will to teach you girls to get better at the gymnastics, lifting and everyone can also get better at the basic stuff like a burpee.

Let’s train together (I am coaching though) once a week, learn from each other and have fun!

Who is in?”

When: Sundays, 10-11am > Register on Mindbody!

Coach Thuri: Personal + Technique Training

Thuri, like the other coaches, is now available for Personal Trainings (1 full hour @ CHF160.-) or Technical Sessions (30min @ CHF 49.-).

If you want to book any Personal Training or Technical Session with any coach, please write to: pt@crossfitzug.ch